0. What does the application process look like?

We have a two-step process. As soon as the call for applications is closed all the accelerator managers and experts within the organisation review each of the applications and agree on a short list. Depending on the capacity of each location a maximum of 10 startups will be invited for a live pitch in front of a jury. The jury is composed by Climate-KIC senior managers and external experts (investors, technology, etc.). Once the jury agrees on the startups that should enter the programme, the accelerator team will run a final background check and communicate the results to the finalist applicants.

1. When do I receive a notification if I have been selected or not?

For each call for applicatiosn we communicate the dates on which we will announce the results. Please check the timeline on the website to find out what these dates are.

2. What can I expect if I receive an invitation to attend the live pitch?

If you receive an invitation to attend the live pitch in one of our locations, you will need to prepare a 5-minute presentation (usually with PowerPoint slides, but we are open to other formats) and be ready to answer all the questions we will ask in a 10-minute Q&A session afterwards.

3. Are travel expenses or any other application-related costs covered by Climate-KIC?

No. You will have to cover your travel cost.

4. Do you accept applications outside of the defined calls?

No. We can only accept applications that each us in the period when this current call is open.

5. Do you accept international candidates?

Yes, we absolutely welcome international teams, but only if the startup intends to set up its legal entity in Portugal and the founders are able to attend all mandatory events of the programme.

6. Do we already need to have a legal-entity established to apply to the programme?

No. You can apply to the programme with or without a legal entity.

7. If I am selected – will my travel costs be covered?

It helps if you work close to one of our locations, but we also support teams located in other cities/countries. Depending on which location you are assigned to, you will receive a budget to cover expenses for attendance at all mandatory events in the programme.

8. Can I apply again if I have already received support from Climate-KIC or have previously applied?

Yes, you can apply again to the programme if your application was refused in the past or if you are now applying with a new idea.

9. Can I also apply to the RIS accelerator if I already participated in another Climate-KIC country Accelerator?

If you have already completed a stage of the accelerator at one of our other Climate-KIC locations in Europe and you wish to move to the RIS, you are still eligible to apply here – but please explain any previous involvement clearly in your application.

10. Do I need to speak English to enter the programme?

Yes, you definitely need English skills if you want to profit from all of the services we provide.

11. Can I complete the application form in a language other than English?

No, we only accept applications in English.

12. How long can I remain in the programme?

Each stage has a fixed term of 3 months. This means if you apply for and are successful in finishing all three of our programme stages you could stay with us for a maximum of 9 months.

13. Do I have access to the office space in all locations?

This depends on the location where you are applying. Some locations offer access to office space, others do not.

14. Can we apply directly to stage 2 or stage 3 if we have not previously completed stage 1 of the Acceleartor?

Yes, however, normally we expect startups to have completed stage 1 – so you will have to demonstrate appropriate maturity for direct entry to Stage 2 in this call.

15. What criteria should we fulfill in order to be eligible to apply to the Accelerator?

1) You need to be a team of at least two persons (we do not accept single founders). 2) You will need to commit full time to your venture. 3) Your startup and team needs to be based in Portugal.

16. Do I have to give equity to Climate-KIC to participate in the programme?

Only if you decide to enter the third and final stage of our programme. This means you will first go through Stage 1 and 2, and only if you decide to enter Stage 3 will you need to sign our investment agreement.

17. What is included in your Investment Agreement?

It is an Investment Agreement for future equity rights: if a startup decides to enter Stage 3 it agrees to give Climate-KIC the right to convert the value Climate-KIC has invested in the startup into shares as soon as the startup reaches an agreement in a future investment round. Currently the total value of all three stages of the programme to a startup is estimated to be 125k €

18. What are “future equity rights”?

Investment agreement for future equity rights. If a startup decides to enter Stage 3 they agree to give Climate-KIC the right to convert the value Climate-KIC has invested on the startups into shares as soon as the startup reaches an agreement in a future investment round. Currently the total value of all three stages of the programme is estimated to be 125k €.